Thursday, 03 December 2015 13:15

Welcome to our TM1 blog...

This blog offers our thoughts and findings on select IBM products for which we at BSG offer a range of training courses.
We are in the fortunate position of being able to rigorously test new releases of products and subsequent fix packs predominantly on IBM Cognos TM1, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM Cognos Express.
For a number of months we have been successfully building our materials on TM1 v10.2 released towards the end of 2013.  Today, we want to discuss TM1 v10.2.2 released in Mid-May 2014 the version we are currently running our course on.  Firstly, IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler feels like the most solid release of the software so far.  

In the creation of our training courses we were impressed with Cube Calculations, a feature that enables us to create Rules automatically, specific to each Cube.  We were able to successfully build a Profit & Loss model using a combination of Dimension and Cube Calculations without the reliance on Manual Rule Writing.

Enterprise Planning customers will be delighted to know that Cube Calculations mean they are a step nearer to no longer having to write complex Rules and continues to use the Source and Target Link screens upon which they are familiar.  This is a breakthrough for those not wishing to get into the murky world of creating and understanding SKIPCHECK and FEEDERS statements long associated with earlier versions of TM1.  Users can simply change the target area for the Cube Calculation and have the choice of applying to all or specific members. Consideration must also be given to the reordering of these Automatically Generated Rules as TM1 always needs specific detail before generic.

Guided Imports now offer more help and building a Time Dimension is more intuitive with the Start Date for 2015 offering a default of 01- Jan - 2015 rather than defaulting to the first day in 1952 (or any other Coronation year for that matter)... as it did in the previous versions.

Websheets continue to be a useful addition and allow objects to be used in a TM1 Application.  For example, an Administrator can Export and Upload a Cube Slice to the Application folder in TM1 Perspectives and apply a wealth of formatting options using Microsoft Excel. TM1 Action Buttons can also be added to allow users to run Processes or navigate to other worksheets.  The Cube Slice is then added to the Websheets folder in IBM Cognos Performance Modeler and a workflow Approval Hierarchy is applied.  Users are now ready to Contribute and Submit values to a workflow plan

Users can now also take advantage of the Drill Through option in TM1 Applications. Simply right click on a cell and select a Drill Process to see more detail or add context to a summarised value. A Drill Process must have been predefined by a user with Admin rights to use this feature.  This feature has now also been added to IBM Cognos Insight.

As IBM continue to align BI and TM1 closer together there are major enhancements to IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel (CAFÉ) in several key areas:

    •    IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel is now integrated with IBM Cognos TM1 data sources.

    •    IBM Cognos TM1 Data can be explored and manipulated in CAFÉ plus there is write back capability to the TM1 Cubes.

Many key features have been added to assist Enterprise Planning users as they start to integrate with IBM Cognos TM1.  Here are some we have found useful and used in our Training Courses:

    •    In Performance Modeler, Flow Diagrams are now available and offer a graphical representation of the data flow of a model, showing how Cubes are linked.

    •    In TM1 Applications, different views can now be specified for Reviewers & Contributors so a Reviewer can view the data at a higher summarized level and decide to Reject or Submit accordingly.

    •    An Approval Hierarchy can now be reused in multiple TM1 Applications.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog... look out soon for our next update.