Monday, 26 September 2016 10:23

IBM Cognos BI Analytics (v11.0.3)

What you should know...
IBM Cognos Cognos Analytics is a web-based, integrated business intelligence suite by IBM. It provides a toolset for reporting, analysis, scorecarding, and monitoring of events and metrics.
The software consists of several components to meet the different information requirements in a company.
Come the end of 2015, IBM decided to overhaul its Business Intelligence platform. Today, we are now just a few months down the track and on its third release, which comes packed with significant, anticipated changes.
Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider investing for the first time or upgrading your existing IBM Cognos environment to IBM Cognos Analytics.

What about my existing IBM Cognos content, FAQ’s?
Your existing content can still be accessed in original studios or upgraded to the new environment.
Although IBM stated 10.2.2 was the last release to support Query and Analysis Studios, you will be pleased to learn these are still available in Cognos Analytics 11.  Please see below a list of FAQ’s...

Q. Why are Query Studio and Analysis Studio in the IBM Cognos Analytics release when IBM stated previously that IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.2 would be that last version with them included?
A. As we developed the new user experience in the IBM Cognos Analytics we were unable to both complete the basic interface overall, which tool priority, and fill the capability gaps. Therefore, we have elected to keep Query Studio and Analysis Studio in IBM Cognos Analytics until such time as the gaps are filled allowing customers the option to upgrade if they wish without losing the studio functionality.

Q. What guidance do we give Query Studio and Analysis Studio users?
A. All Query Studio and Analysis Studio assets are fully protected. Existing content is executable via Cognos Connection or Cognos Workspace. At such time as IBM Cognos Analytics capability gaps are filled, users should continue to use Query Studio and Analysis Studio.

Q. Should I be moving my users to Cognos Workspace Advanced now or wait for a future?
A. We recommend you wait for a future release of IBM Cognos Analytics when authoring will be a more complete replacement for these studios.

Q. Cognos Workspace Advanced does not have all the same capabilities as Query Studio and Analysis Studio. Will my users lose capability?
A. No, your users will not lose capability. Differences in IBM Cognos Analytics authoring will be bridged in a future release to provide equivalent capabilities.

Q. Will IBM Cognos Analytics authoring provide the same user experience as Query Studio and Analysis Studio?
A. No. IBM Cognos Analytics authoring provides a user experience consistent with the new overall IBM Cognos Analytics experience.

Q. Can my users move existing saved queries and analyses to IBM Cognos Analytics?
A. Yes, but in different ways for Query Studio and Analysis Studio. We intend to move Query Studio content into IBM Cognos Analytics authoring such that there is full functionality but Analysis Studio content will be executable but not readily maintainable and users will be required to create new content where applicable

How is IBM Cognos Analytics available to customers?

  • Available on site or as a Cloud (SaaS) service managed by IBM.
  • Cloud means reduced investment in server infrastructure and related hardware.
  • Cloud – choose from 3 editions starting at 25 users.
  • Full user flexibility, you choose when to perform software updates.

How do users access their content?

  • Cognos Connection has been replaced by a new Welcome screen.
  • Refined, single interface for ALL users, quick to learn and easy to use.
  • Studios rationalized into one environment.
  • Unlike Cognos Connection, excess adornments hidden on Welcome screen.
  • Administration functionality is just a few clicks away.
  • Comprehensive search capabilities helps users navigate and quickly access known content and discover new content.
  • My Content and Team Content replace My Folders and Public Folders.

How has the platform improved?

  • Improved efficiency with a robust enterprise platform.
  • Satisfies all business intelligence needs, including scalability, governance, security, and performance.


Data Modelling

  • Framework Manager is still available to create complex models.
  • Data Modules – aimed at end of line business users to assemble a package based on the data they import.
  • Snapshot - Cached copy of data for Data Module, stored in a file system and easily accessible.
  • Reduce DB’s load, especially during peak hours
  • Retaining a ‘point in time’ view of the data
  • New capability to enable entirely web-based and intent-based modeling using search.
  • Supports the ability to quickly create new models or modify existing models, change model attributes, and commit back for everyone to use, and report off of multiple models.
  • Offers the ability to test and validate your models within the same environment.

New in 11.0.3

  • Drag and drop tables directly onto the diagram tool
  • Drag and drop columns into express editor


  • Choose to create a new Report from the Welcome screen.
  • Aimed at all levels of user from consumer to report author.
  • Contains all Report Studio functionality.
  • Contextual menus enable the user to intuitively create reports and easily display the required results.
  • Run and preview modes assist report authoring and preview content (drill, sort, or filter). The solution also enables users to start on the web or go mobile and vice versa.
  • Vast range of toolbox items available to create simple or complex reports.
  • Subscribe to reports to schedule reports.
  • Notifications inform the user of the reports they have subscribed to.
  • Reports can be saved as a Report View.

New in 11.0.3

  • Data List control object, use for large quantities of data rows in an Active Report.
  • Create report using multiple Dynamic Query Mode packages, historically reports could only be authored against a single package.
  • Filter text box to display report filters, useful for printed reports.
  • Option to display variances between (-1 to 1) in a Microchart




  • Choose to create a new dashboard from the Welcome screen.
  • Select from a range of templates.
  • Drag and drop data onto the work area.
  • Visualization automatically selected based on the types of data, or convert to any other type.
  • Perform actions on your data, such as Sort, Exclude etc…
  • Create filter boxes that the Visualization responds to.
  • Option to set Dashboard as your Homepage.
  • Intent Based Authoring – Type into a Search box, Cognos will assess your data sources for recommendations and provide a Visualization.

New in 11.0.3

  • Create calculations against data views in a dashboard
  • Hover over ‘tooltips’ in a visualization
  • Relink dashboard to new data sources
  • Data formatting in a dashboard



  • Analytics will now be easier to access and align across devices
  • Mobile shares same single interface making authoring and transitioning between devices easier.