Training on Skype for Business

Are you considering Skype (formerly Lync) in the workplace but worried about end user adoption and concerned your helpdesk may be swamped with end user queries?

microsoft logo skypeAccording to our team of trainers, Lync really does seem to make it easier to communicate with your colleagues, wherever they may be. However introducing a new technology to the workplace can sometimes feel daunting, with concerns on whether all the staff will “take up” the new way of working, using yet another new software tool!

At BSG, none of our Lync training comes ‘out of the box’, every course is carefully tailored. Our experienced trainers work closely with our clients to understand their Lync training needs in order to develop a training programme that will ensure maximum value is achieved from the training.

Our Lync Training Delivery is in bite size modules which are practical and precise. In terms of scope, our training programmes are able to cover any number of people from individuals to small groups, through to 1000+ members of staff. Our Lync trainers are always one step ahead in their skill set, ensuring we can deliver the most up to date version. We carefully match our experience to your needs, selecting the most appropriate trainer for your business.

A Lync 2013 training solution

BSG Training partner with Purple Consultants, a company who bridge the gap between business and technology. Recently they recommended us to one of their clients to deliver the training element for an IT project they were Project Managing.  The project involved included rolling out Microsoft Lync and migrating 150 users to a new desktop and Unified telephone system.

The staff had no prior experience or knowledge of working with a collaboration tool such as Lync. So to begin with, it was essential the organisation would first adopt our trainers into their workplace before trying to adopt a new technology! Through a careful selection process, we successfully matched the right team of two trainers who worked together to deliver the right training solution for the client’s specific needs. The following elements were adopted in our approach for this requirement:

  • Discovery Phase which included understanding the specific need of the client and their objectives
  • Familiarisation of how the system is set up
  • Gained an understanding of how Lync 2013 is being utilised
  • Production of practice files and trainer scripts which also included any business processes
  • Design of practical exercises targeted to the audience
  • Production of a customised course manual
  • As proof of concept delivery of a pilot training session to the IT Team
  • Undertake follow-up floor walking to support and help the users in their migration

An example Microsoft Lync Course Outline

BSG Training - delivering ICT Training Solutions for you

Objectives: The purpose of this course is to demonstrate the basic features available when using Microsoft Lync. By the end of this course you will be able to perform all basic call handling features, forward your calls, understand presence, create groups and search for a contact.

Prerequisites: None

Duration: Can vary depending on user groups and client requirements. But usually sessions are between 1.5 hour to 2 hours.

Course Format: This session is classroom based with an instructor

Class size: Max 8 attendees all with PC/Laptop and Handset

Course Content: Lync User

Setup & Introduction
  • Checking your Microphone & Speakers
  • Understanding the Lync Client window
  • Set your own and see others availability throughout Microsoft Office
  • How to change your Presence information
  • What your Presence status means
  • How to find the right person through Lync
  • Build and manage your Contact list in Lync
  • How to use Groups and Favorites
  • Get full information about a Contact
Instant Messaging
  • How to send and receive Instant Messages (IM)
  • How to participate in a group IM session
  • What happens if you don't respond to an IM
  • Where IM conversations are saved
Voice Calls
  • Making Voice calls with Lync
  • Accepting and Declining calls
  • Forwarding calls to someone else
  • Conference Calls
  • Unscheduled Conference Calls (Meet Now)
  • Transfer a Call
  • Consultative Transfer
Virtual Meetings
  • Scheduling and Creating Virtual Meetings
  • Running a Virtual Meeting
  • Setting Up Meeting Options
  • Connecting users outside the organisation to a Virtual Meeting (Lync Attendee)
Collaborative Tools
  • Sharing desktops and applications
  • Whiteboards, Polls and other meeting tools
Video Calls & Recordings
  • Making Video Calls
  • Recording Calls and Virtual Meetings
  • Managing and sharing recordings


An example Skype for Business Course Outline

BSG Training - delivering ICT Training Solutions for you

This half-day instructor-led workshop is intended for delegates who will use Microsoft Skype for Business in order to communicate with colleagues in their role. The workshop will examine the capabilities that Skype for Business provides and, by working through hands-on examples, enable the delegate to experience the communication and collaboration features.

This course is designed to assist existing Microsoft Office users to gain an understanding of the functionality available in Skype for Business. Delegates will use Office Online Apps and Skype for Business in a cloud environment.
This course is suitable for users of Skype for Business with Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 or Office 365.

Prerequisites: Use a mouse; Type and use a keyboard; Navigate through Windows files and folders; Work with Windows applications - minimise, maximise, open and close

In 3 hours Delegates will learn to:

  • Use Skype for Business and its key features
Course Content
  • Overview of Skype for Business
  • Signing In and Navigating
  • Viewing and Setting Presence Information
  • Creating and Organising Contacts
  • Understanding the Interactive Contact Cards
  • Using Instant Messages (Chat) in Skype for Business
  • Using Skype for Business for Online Meetings, Presentations, Screen Sharing, Video (optional)
  • Integration with Microsoft Office


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