BSG Training solutions In today's economic climate almost every company is questioning their budgets, with training often being the first to be impacted. Meanwhile, training needs and the requirement to invest in staff have not diminished. New environments continue to be rolled out and organisational changes are ever present.

To ensure that we can provide the optimal training solution for our clients across the UK, BSG Training works with a portfolio of accredited trainers and training partners spanning e-learning solutions, technical training and IT end user adoption for both off the shelf and bespoke software applications.

BSG Training work with you, using our proven methodology, to understand each audience's training needs. We deliver a customised training plan for your company that gives you a clear picture of which employees need what training and when. We then partner with you to develop effective training materials and experiences for your staff. The results include customised materials and classes tailored to your business processes - all delivered by seasoned trainers with extensive consulting experience.

Delivery styles include:

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