Delivering Bespoke Company IT Induction sessions

via Virtual Classroom Training

With more of us now working from home, it is becoming essential for businesses to have a consistent approach in terms of how staff engage with technologies across the business.

BSG Training recognises every business utilises technology differently within the working environment, so all our client IT Induction programmes are tailored to be bespoke. 

Our experienced trainers work closely with our clients to establish exact requirements to create a bespoke training session which can also include company IT policies.

  • To design and develop an IT Induction course, it usually takes a trainer between 1 and 2 days to complete.
  • Once complete it could form part of a company’s existing new employee’s onboarding process.

With the flexibility that remote working offers, BSG Training can now deliver 1 day of training across several days.

  • For example, 4 x 90 Minute IT Induction sessions equate to 1 day of a trainer’s time, however the sessions could be delivered across a week or even different weeks to fit in with new joiners starting!

Part of our service includes the opportunity to regularly review course content to ensure it always reflects any new software updates or changes in company IT policies.

All our trainers are highly skilled instructors with a wealth of experience, not just in training delivery, but also with direct experience working in business. Our trainers are always one step ahead in their skill set, ensuring we are always delivering the most up to date versions of technology.

Our flexible and conscientious approach will help ensure you have a consistent approach in terms of how all your users engage with the technologies across the business.