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Working with Teams & Channels in Microsoft Teams

The following course is now offered via remote training for both public and closed delivery. When Covid restrictions allow, we hope to be back offering our public and closed courses across the UK including: London; Birmingham; Bristol; Edinburgh; Glasgow; Manchester; Milton Keynes and Leeds.


Prices start from as little as £19.00 per person + VAT for short Virtual Classroom sessions.



        Course Duration            

Course Guide   

Microsoft Teams

60 minutes

Objectives: The purpose of this course is to provide you with an understanding of how to use Teams & Channels to work with your departmental files and folders.
Prerequisites: Familiarity of already using Microsoft Teams and experience of using Microsoft Office applications.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Session Format: This course is run as an instructor led virtual training session and includes audience participation.
Class Size: Maximum of 6
Module 1 – Getting you Started
  • What is a Team?
  • Overview of Teams & Channels
  • Team Permissions
  • The Team Area
Module 2 – Creating & Managing a Team
  • Create a Team
  • Add Members to your Team
  • Edit Team Names
  • Leave a Team
  • Delete a Team
  • Add & Remove Team Members
  • Reordering Teams
  • The Posts Tab
Module 3 – Working with Channels
  • Create a Channel
  • Create a Private Channel
  • Delete a Channel
  • Use the Show & Hide Feature
  • Pin/Unpin Channels
  • Channel Notification Settings
  • What’s the difference between Team Channels and Private Chats?
  • Work with Team Chat
  • Using @Mentions
Module 4 – Managing Files
  • Create New Team Files
  • Upload Team Files
  • Open & Edit Team Files in Teams,
  • Browser, Desktop & SharePoint
  • Send an Email to a Channel
  • Work with Tabs – Adding Apps and Files







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