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Working with Teams & Channels in Microsoft Teams

The following course is offered via remote training and on a closed course basis only. 



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Course Guide   

Microsoft Teams

60 minutes

Objectives: The purpose of this course is to provide you with an understanding of how to use Teams & Channels to work with your departmental files and folders.
Prerequisites: Familiarity of already using Microsoft Teams and experience of using Microsoft Office applications.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Session Format: This course is run as an instructor led virtual training session and includes audience participation.
Class Size: Maximum of 6
Module 1 – Getting you Started
  • What is a Team?
  • Overview of Teams & Channels
  • Team Permissions
  • The Team Area
Module 2 – Creating & Managing a Team
  • Create a Team
  • Add Members to your Team
  • Edit Team Names
  • Leave a Team
  • Delete a Team
  • Add & Remove Team Members
  • Reordering Teams
  • The Posts Tab
Module 3 – Working with Channels
  • Create a Channel
  • Create a Private Channel
  • Delete a Channel
  • Use the Show & Hide Feature
  • Pin/Unpin Channels
  • Channel Notification Settings
  • What’s the difference between Team Channels and Private Chats?
  • Work with Team Chat
  • Using @Mentions
Module 4 – Managing Files
  • Create New Team Files
  • Upload Team Files
  • Open & Edit Team Files in Teams,
  • Browser, Desktop & SharePoint
  • Send an Email to a Channel
  • Work with Tabs – Adding Apps and Files




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