Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)

You’re rolling out a new technology and from day one of implementation it is essential your users across the UK can carry on their day to day work without the new software interrupting staff performance. However some of your users are based in remote areas across the UK, or even throughout the world making it challenging to co-ordinate necessary training on the new software.

logo COLFIn these situations, BSG Training can provide its clients with Virtual Classroom Training, delivered by one of our Certified Online Learning Facilitators (COLF). Launched by the Learning and Performance Institute in 2010, the COLF certification is now the leading certification for virtual classroom facilitation and has been used by over 10,000 learning professionals globally to raise the standards and effectiveness of live online learning delivery.

Virtual classroom training is carried out often using existing software technology already in place, such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco WebEx and the benefits to an organisation are as follows:

  • Reduce travel time and accommodation costs
  • Staff spend less time away from the job
  • Faster deployment of knowledge and skills
  • Recordable session capability helpful for those who might miss training sessions

The benefits to learners are:

  • Short bite-sized focussed training
  • Ability to learn without having to leave the place of work
  • Ability to learn at a convenient time
  • More likelihood of receiving ‘just in time’ learning